Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Boring Small Print

By submitting your work to me you automatically confirm that you’ve read and agree to all the various terms and conditions which I provide in this post and elsewhere on the blog, and grant me the rights to publish your work here, on this blog, or in a physically printed form if we ever get that far (I’m not counting on it, but you never know: if that possibility arises I will, of course, do my best to tell everyone who has contributed by email and/or by posting a notice here on the blog).

By submitting your work to me, you confirm that it is your own original work; that it's never been published anywhere else, in any form or medium; and that its rights are not tied up anywhere else.

You are free to publish your own work elsewhere if the opportunity arises. In that case do please let me know of your impending publication in plenty of time so that I can make some sort of announcement about your success (and also so that I won’t get all hoity-toity and go off on a “kill the plagiarist” bender if I discover it unexpectedly). Link your new publication back to this blog wherever possible, and add an acknowledgement along the lines of "This piece first appeared in Greyling Bay in January 2009”.

What you are NOT free to do is to take any of the characters created here by anyone other than you, and write them into a piece for publication elsewhere. That would be plagiarism and might well attract legal action, from me and/or the creators of the characters, places or events concerned. Nor can you publish a piece of work which is directly about Greyling Bay anywhere else, as Greyling Bay is my creation and therefore my copyright.

If you want to reproduce, copy or otherwise publish anything that you find here, you cannot do so without prior written or email confirmation from the original writer of the piece concerned. If you contact me through the blog, or by email, I’ll do my best to put you in touch with the writer you’re after but I can’t guarantee that all the contributors will notify me when their email addresses change, and nor can I guarantee that writers will be happy for you to publish their work: that’s up to them.

I accept no liability for anything published here: all work published here is accepted in good faith as entirely fictional and free from legal implications or restrictions. If you take exception to anything that you read here, liability for any wrongs committed rests entirely with the original writer of each piece: but I will do what I consider appropriate to soothe your feelings and rectify any wrongdoings.


Leatherdykeuk said...

This is a lovely idea.

Can I submit work that's already up on one of my own blogs, or do you want exclusivity? I'm thinking of a character from my Laverstone being one of those transients, talking to a local fellow or two.

Jane Smith said...

I'd rather it was exclusive, but only because I want all the pieces here to work together as a whole: I imagine us building a whole town together, and I don't think it would work if we try to shoehorn in parts of other places. But if you think that your piece reads like it would fit into the town then by all means submit it: the worst that can happen is I say no!