Saturday, January 3, 2009

Submission Guidelines

There’s no payment for any work accepted: we’re all just doing this for the love.

Email your work to me at "HPRW at tesco dot net". Mark your submissions "Greyling Bay" followed by a colon, then the title of your piece, and your name. Please make your title pertinent to your work to help everyone know what they're reading: character names, place names or events can all be used, but do try not to duplicate any existing titles.

Cut and paste your submission into the main body of your e-mail: anything with an attachment will be deleted unread. Include your name and approximate location (for example, “Jane Smith, Sheffield”) so that I can credit you appropriately, and your website or blog address if you'd like me to link to it (if you want to be really helpful you can provide the code with your name already embedded in it, to save me having to sort that out myself).

I won’t accept anything that I don’t think is good enough. “Good enough” means that your submissions have to be grammatically correct; properly spelled; and free from typos and punctuation errors. Your work has to consist of more than just a good descriptive passage: it has to tell us something new and intriguing about our town; suggest new directions that other writers could take; and be beautifully written, and pared to the bone.

Finally, no porn; no plagiarism, fan-fiction or stuff about real people or places. Nothing libellous, misleading or insulting. And definitely nothing boring.

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