Friday, March 27, 2009

Cor-Blimey Corinne

Following disturbing allegations about Douglas Bruton's working habits I no longer feel comfortable including his work in Greyling Bay, and so have deleted the four pieces which were attributed to him here.

For more information read this post on Vanessa Gebbie's blog, and this post on my main blog, How Publishing Really Works.

Apologies for any difficulties this might cause.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's very lovely! My first thought was that I, too, give nicknames to people, particularly my kids' friends. But then I got caught up in the story; what a tender narrative touch you've got.

Douglas Bruton said...

Thank you so much Susan. I am glad that you liked this. I have, in the thinking and writing of the piece, grown very fond of Corinne and her crush on Mr Darius Bredwyn.



lainey bancroft said...

Nicely done!

Ah, to be able to move someone with my words the way Mr. Bredwyn and "William something or other" moved Corinne.

Douglas Bruton said...

Thanks Lainey. And that yearning in what you said... I am moved by that. :-)



Jane Smith said...

I've just deleted a comment by someone who is spamming ALL my blogs and trying to get my readers to click on her links. If you see an odd comment, anyone, and it doesn't add to the conversation, ignore it. I get automatic alerts so I'll know about it as soon as possible. And DON'T CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS.