Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Darius Bredwyn Is Loved

Following disturbing allegations about Douglas Bruton's working habits I no longer feel comfortable including his work in Greyling Bay, and so have deleted the four pieces which were attributed to him here.

For more information read this post on Vanessa Gebbie's blog, and this post on my main blog, How Publishing Really Works.

Apologies for any difficulties this might cause.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Douglas
I like the style of this. To me it has a fairytale quality, and Darius makes me nostalgic for a time when teachers could be larger than life without risking some disciplinary measure. I hope someone can tell me there are still people like him around (even if they don't have red beards and bikes). I'm having more trouble imagining a seventeen year-old who might fall in love with him, but maybe Corinne will make everything clear. (Assuming we are going to meeet her!)

Anonymous said...

I have actually seen someone like this, with a bike.

And wheer I used to live, we had a postman like this, but his name wasn't Pat.

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Douglas Bruton said...


Yes, I have written Corinne, too. Watch out for Corinne's loving Darius... all the romance of WB Yeats and his poetry is in there... you'll see. More of a schoolgirl crush really... and that still happens.

Thanks 'Anonymous'...

D (stands for Douglas and not Dahhhhhrrrrling sort of frog!)


If I say I don't like Darius, that's not to criticise the writing or characterisation, which I admire. He's someone who would annoy me a lot in real life (and I wouldn't be smiling like the other characters) but I am delighted to meet him on the pages of fiction. I am certainly looking forward to watching the mischief in his head come to reality.

Douglas Bruton said...

Yep, in the real world he might be different. But laughter is infectious and there is a sense of fun in him and a gentle side with his fond names for all the children he teaches... and just wait until he teaches WB Yeats. My personal challenge will be to make you like him, Nicola. :-)


Jane Smith said...

I'm with Nicola here: I think that I would find Darius irritating, and not actually funny at all. I'm also disturbed by Corinne's attraction to him, and to be honest, it was that last line which hooked me with this piece--I thought it threw the rest of it into a sudden new light.

So much for Greyling Bay lightening up a bit--I wonder if Darius is going to make it a little more dangerous on the streets at night.

Douglas Bruton said...

Ok, twin challenge then... to make Jane and Nicola warm to Darius and his small mischief.

And honestly, I DID think I was lightening things with Darius and his laughter and all the world infected by it.

Aside from peeing up against the harbour wall after a night at the Ship, I promise that Darius is no danger to anyone. The streets of Greyling are safe... from darius, at least.